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Jovoy Paris Psychdelique

Jovoy Paris Psychdelique

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Peace and love forever… This "revival" perfume pays homage to the '70s, the decade that transformed patchouli into the legendary scent of the counterculture. At all the festivals, from Wight to Woodstock, patchouli's woody and mysterious richness sang the backup vocals for the rock mindset of a new generation of rebellious youth. Today, it has made its comeback, more hippie chic than ever and the boho-glam idol par excellence. It is a classic in its own right, with all of its audacity intact. Retro-nostalgia has never been so modern.

Head Notes - Citrus Fruits

Heart Notes - Patchouli, Amber, Geranium, Rose, Cistus

Base Notes - Vanilla, Musk

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